Monday, March 23, 2015

Windshield Time

Yesterday, I spent nearly 10 hours on the road with my two sons, Coby and Mike. We  traveled from the top to the bottom of the state of Texas, eventually making our way home from a great Spring Break trip. While they were enjoying uninterrupted screen time with their iPod and Nook, I was faced with a windshield and an empty passenger seat.

Ahh, windshield time...I couldn't have been happier!

I've heard some people hate driving, especially where there is no one to talk to, but if you ask me, windshield time is some of the best time in the world! I can get a lot accomplished while I'm driving. I can solve problems, make a plan, revise my strategies, map out my goals, learn all of the words to my favorite songs, go to church, secure my financial future, learn something new, finish a book, complete continuing education credits and even practice my Spanish . The long and short of it is, if I'm driving, I'm becoming a better person!

What to hear more? Here are some of my personal all-time favorites:

Audible: I'm contemplating a subscription, but in the mean time, there are...

Books on CD:  check them out from your local public library (they give you two weeks to finish your book)

  • Suzi Orman- The Laws of Money, Women and Money
  • Jack Canfield- The Success Principles
  • Robert Kiyosaki- Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Conspiracy of the Rich
  • Dr. Phil- Life Strategies

Podcasts: so many wonderful (and free) options, depending on your mood or area of interest

  • Get Busy Living- Benny Hsu
  • Tim Ferriss Show- Tim Ferriss
  • Entrepreneur on Fire- John Lee Dumas
  • Lakewood Church- Joel Osteen
  • Church Unlimited- Bil Cornelius

Downloads: have fun and listen to MP3 downloads you've stored on your iPod or get serious and listen to a continuing education course from,

Pandora: stream it from your phone (if you have an unlimited data plan)

  • Jack Johnson
  • John Mayer
  • Jimmy Buffett

My car  is exactly 2 years old and just turned over 47,000 miles. Not only do I enjoy long road trips with my family  but I drive an average of 75 miles each day for work. If you ask me, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, staring at the windshield.  There are some who do more... like my dad, who averages 1,200  miles each week, and some who do far less...maybe you?  If you ask me, you don't have to be a professional driver or road warrior to benefit from windshield time. This week, put down your cell phone and consider making the most of your time in the car by trying something new.

The road goes on forever and the party never ends. 
Robert Earl Keen