Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Sunglasses During Work

My Future is So Bright, 
I Have to Wear Shades...
Or Do I?

It’s summer and if you’re like me, you won’t leave the house without sunglasses.  Here’s why...
o My eyes are super sensitive to the sun
o UVA and UVB protection is good for me
o My Costa sunglasses are super cool
o I don’t want wrinkles from squinting

Even though these are 4 very compelling reasons to wear sunglasses, there are times when sunglasses really do need to come off.  So, before you commit a faux pas with your shades, let’s review…

Sunglasses Etiquette for Professionals

Take them off when you’re indoors:

Take off your sunglasses as you enter a building so that once you’re indoors, the sunglasses are off and tucked safely away. If you’re visiting a client at home, remove them before you knock on the door. If they peer out and see dark glasses, it can appear intimidating, suspicious and even down right spooky. Taking off your sunglasses before you go indoors helps you make a good first impression and shows that you have nothing to hide.

Don’t use them as a hair accessory:
Even though it’s very tempting to perch your sunglasses on the top of your head, or use them to swipe your hair out of your face, it’s not professional looking and it can be distracting to those you are talking to. Besides, this can cause your sunglasses to stretch and even break. Put them away in a purse, pocket or protective case, but please, when you’re at work, don’t leave them on your head.

Don’t hang them from your clothing:

While it might be totally acceptable to dangle your sunglasses from your shirt collar or front pocket as you’re running errands on the weekend, it is not acceptable  to hang your sunglasses from your clothing while making sales calls, talking with clients or conducting business.  It diminishes your professional appearance and may even be perceived as sloppy.

Don’t use them for primping:
Checking your hair, teeth, lipstick, clothing, etc. in the lenses of someone else’s mirrored sunglasses as you’re talking to them may be very tempting, but it is not appropriate. It’s not only unprofessional, it shows that you’re not really paying attention.  If you’re worried about your appearance, excuse yourself to a restroom- you can check and adjust there without appearing conceited or weird.

Don’t wear them when conducting business:
A variety of working people conduct business outdoors everyday:  realtors, electricians, oilfield workers, engineers, etc. If this is you, use some discretion in deciding whether or not you leave your sunglasses on or take them off. Keep in mind, when your eyes are uncovered, you are perceived as more believable and trustworthy. Conversely, when you’re hidden behind sunglasses, it’s not as easy to detect honesty and sincerity.

When in doubt…take them off:
If you’re not exactly sure what to do with your sunglasses, then, chances are, they should be removed.

Following these simple rules, you can be confident that your sunglasses aren’t interfering with important business. At Spontaneous Speech Coach, we can also help you make sure you present the best version of yourself during meetings, in the boardroom, behind a podium, when networking with potential clients and even over the phone! We’re experts at helping people communicate clearly and confidently. 

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Don't let someone dim your light, simply because it's shining in their eyes.