Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pictures for Progress: Clear Cut Answers to Your Top Questions

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Spontaneous Speech 
But Were Afraid to Ask

What is spontaneous speech?
  • Unprepared speech that is natural, instinctive and unconstrained - impromptu
  • Spoken language that occurs without prompting or during an unstructured interview- can we talk?
  • Expression of thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings or preferences- all the good stuff that’s on your mind
  • The ultimate goal

What are Spontaneous Speech Therapy Tools?
  • A collection of fun and functional materials designed to provide opportunities for exchange- emphasis on real life topics, items and scenarios
  • A great option for adult speech therapy- they’re appropriate for grown ups
  • Relevant and practical stimuli for simple discussion or complex therapeutic intervention- how appropriate
  • High quality, professionally created tools- products that represent the super star you are
  • Easy breezy- don’t stress about what to do in therapy today, just grab and go

What are Pictures for Progress?
  • Flashcards that provide an easy breezy way to expand communication opportunities between two people
  • Colorful, contemporary photographs depicting real life items, situations and scenarios- just what you’ve been looking for
  • Large images on sturdy cards- nothing flimsy about these 8 ½ x 5 ½ cards
  • Five questions right on the back of the card- we’ve done the hard work for you
  • Appropriate for enhancing every language modality- from comprehension to cognition and everything in between
  • Adaptable to severity of impairment- so simple you can use them to practice answering yes/ no questions, yet challenging and thought provoking for higher functioning clients
  • A great addition to your therapy toolbox- fun and fresh stimuli for you and those you work with
  • Easy to use- open box, remove card, discuss picture, read questions, repeat
  • Extend your possibilities for functional intervention- another great therapeutic tool
  • Expand their capabilities- take communication to the next level

Who are these cards made for?
  • Adults- young and old
  • Individuals with communication disorders and impairments- resulting from stroke, head injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease/ Dementia, etc.
  • Field tested on patients with Cancer, COPD and voice disorders- yes, a wide variety of people can benefit
  • Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy- promotes a hierarchical progression of complexity
  • Simple to complex concepts- something for everyone
  • Adaptable for mild to severe impairments- there is no limit to what you can do
  • SLPs- provide pertinent treatment during adult speech therapy sessions
  • Healthcare providers- so many professionals, so many possibilities
  • Friends and Family- supplement the work the pros are doing, maintain momentum or pick up where therapy left off

Are they helpful for specific disorders?
  • Sure!
  • Aphasia- expressive and receptive
  • Apraxia
  • Anomia
  • Dysrarthria
  • Memory impairment, memory loss, memory disturbance
  • Symbolic Dysfuction, Cognitive Impairment
  • Voice Disorders
  • Reading Difficulties, Dyslexia
  • Writing Difficulties, Dysgraphia

Are these cards durable?
  • Yes!
  • Double thickness- super sturdy
  • Laminated- wipe them clean
  • Rounded corners for durability- won’t get bent
  • Rounded corners for safety- won’t poke you in the eye
  • Sturdy box- designed for years of consistent use
  • Magnetic closure- keeps your cards under control

Will my patient/ family member be able to recognize the photos?
  • Yes!
  • Large 8 ½ x 5 ½ inch size cards- easy to hold
  • Image expands to edge of card- easy to see
  • Contemporary photos- easy to recognize
  • Adult men and women- representing a variety of ages and ethnicities
  • Feature things you use and activities you do on a daily basis- pertinent and practical
  • Written cue on back- allows quick orientation if unfamiliar

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Your patients will be glad you did!

One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.
Linda Lambert

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